Fiddler on the Roof

featuring Broadway's Bill Nolte

Cape Fear Regional Theatre

"Actor Chaz Pofahl, who plays Perchik, a politically minded young idealist, plays the character as a hero type, and it works, as it contrasts well with Tevye’s more reluctant leader position, and makes him believable as someone your daughter would run away with (side note: don’t trust your daughters with politically minded idealists)."

-James Johnson, NC Arts Review


Red Badge of Courage

Children's Theatre of Charlotte

"Between the audacious hip-hop interludes, we're in good hands with three of Charlotte's finest actors. Chaz Pofahl stars as Henry, while Mark Sutton and Berry Newkirk serve up multiple roles. Surrounded by simplification, Pofahl gives us a remarkably nuanced portrait of Henry and his growth in the crucible of warfare, from scared recruit to panicked warrior to brave hero within the space of 58 minutes."

-, Creative Loafing Magazine

The Secret Garden

Children's Theatre of Charlotte

"The scheming Dr. Craven is a suave monster as delivered by Chaz Pofahl, now reaching the height of his powers."

-, Creative Loafing Magazine


"Archibald is distant, and his brother Dr. Craven (Chaz Pofahl in a strong and layered performance) has mixed motives. You see, he also loved Lily and lost her twice, once to his brother, then to death. The brothers' duet, "Lily's Eyes" is a highlight of Act I, especially for the adults in the audience, but young audiences will understand the emotion, too, as sung by the actors. "

-Ann Marie Oliva, ARTS à la Mode


Theatre Charlotte

"Chaz Pofahl, as the narrator and filmmaker Mark, skillfully conveys humor and idealism. He hides behind his camera and screens calls from his mother in Scarsdale, all while dreaming of glory without selling out."

-Julie Reed Bell, The Charlotte Observer


"Chaz Pofahl seems to be perpetually busy around town playing comedy protagonists, but this outing as our narrator, existentially disengaged filmmaker Mark Cohen, reminds us that he's a very solid musical performer – and that Ensley has a knack of bringing actors to their peak form."

-Perry Tannenbaum, Creative Loafing Magazine